Wooldridge Reverse Bucket with Flow Tec Linkage


New and improved linkage!

The Mercury Sport Jet is a popular choice when it comes to power to weight ratio.  Unfortunately when it comes to backing your boat off the trailer or river bank the inefficiency of the stock mercury reverse bucket becomes apparent.  The Wooldridge reverse bucket made for the mercury sport jet addresses these issues with a more hydrodynamic efficient design that easily provides the thrust needed to back the boat off the river bank, sand bar or trailer.  Some Changes to your shifter will need to be made to accommodate the design of the Wooldridge bucket.  With new Flow-Tec Linkage, the cable must be switched at the dash to push instead of pull. (Stock Sport Jet controls have the ability to be switched)  Flow-Tec Controls(sold separately) which are designed to work with the Wooldridge reverse bucket and linkage and are available in: Binnacle Mount and Side Mount – (side mount available with cable coming out the front or rear)


• Works on most Sport Jet powered boats The Wooldridge Reverse Gate is not effective on boats with tunnels as the jet being raised higher blocks the water from getting under the boat.

• Shifting is much improved with the Flow Tec Sport Jet Shifter assembly as it has a greater mechanical advantage.

• Wooldridge Sport Jet reverse bucket is 23” wideth (19 1/4” stock),  height of bucket from center of pin 9” (7” stock).  Check your clearances for possible obstructions.







“The Flow-Tec linkage with the Wooldridge Reverse Bucket took our Sport Jet powered boat from almost no reverse to operating like a 212.”


Sargent Shawn Richards

Jackson County Sheriff Department, OR.


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