My Dad (Bob Wooldridge) passed away this past Sunday morning at the age of 94. My Dad wasn’t just my dad he was my friend. He taught me how to work hard. He showed me faith in his lord Jesus Christ. He showed me determination to do what it takes to get something done. He was compassionate, kind, loving and caring. At 52 years old my dad re-mortgaged the house I grew up in to put a down payment on a building for Wooldridge Boats. Dad and mom had just finished paying their original home mortgage off at the time so this was a big risk. Now at 52 years old he had two mortgage payments to make. He did whatever he could think of to make it work. Working during the day and taking Boats to different events or fishing clubs at night to speak and show my grandfather’s Rogue River movie to help promote business. His dad had taught him that the word “can’t” wasn’t in his vocabulary and he took that to heart. We worked side-by-side in the early years. We would eat lunch in his pick-up truck together and listen to the radio. I commonly called him boss but it never felt that way. We were teammates and friends. Everybody loved my dad. The office ladies that worked for different suppliers where dad would pick up trailers and motors or such would tell me how sweet he was. If someone needed help and it was in his ability, he would do what it took to help them. Without him, there would be no Wooldridge Boats today. I want to thank all the people who have loved and honored my dad. Dad, I love you and will miss you always.

-Glen Wooldridge-

By: Admin

Posted: May 3, 2019

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